The Year Ahead

Many of you may know that I tend to live life six months at a time. On average. Four years at the University of Connecticut were comfortably broken up by semesters in Spain and Ecuador. My fascinating liberal arts courses granted me a degree in Latin America Studies and Spanish, always cushioned by an “I’ll figure something out” mantra regarding the future. And so far, I have.

Graduation. Post-rugby surgery. Guatemala. [desperate job searching from my parents’ dining table]. JOB! (Temporary. Cue, “I’ll figure something out”) Move in with WestConn baseball alumni. Commute commute commute commute commute WEEKEND. Repeat. Start job search and panic as temping position winds down. Move to Brookfield with half the roommates. Back to Guatemala for vacation. Part-time coaching job. Part-time babysitting job. Get re-hired by full-time job!

Did you catch that?

At some point during the summer, I decided to apply to a program with WorldTeach that would send me to Colombia to teach English during 2012. I got accepted, and I’m going! January 4, 2012. Until then, I’m running around the greater Fairfield County area trying to save money, learn to teach, and enjoy the last months with my favorite family members, roommates and coworkers.

Who's a handsome roomie??

Why Colombia?
Long Answer: I don’t know. Because I’m 23 and what else do I really need to be doing right now? Because my three stays abroad so far have been immeasurably valuable?
Because as a kid, all my dolls and stuffed animals were running away from home instead of playing house. Because I have always been so fascinated by other cultures, countries and languages.

I’m enchanted in particular by Latin America.
Conveniently, that’s where Colombia is located.

I’m not a teacher. I do, however, love a good challenge. And, as I’ve seen first-hand abroad and even in my hometown, education is so vitally important for anyone to move forward in the world. WorldTeach is committed to working with schools and institutions in host countries in order to provide teachers. Regardless of the age of my students, I hope at least one of them will get the push they need from learning English to propel them on their way out of the unfortunate underprivileged cycle. When I think about my amazing, chaotic life from the past few years, everything has emerged from my education in a second language. Why not share the wealth?

Why Colombia?
Short Answer: It’s just what I do.

Also, Colombia has chivas.

I miss you, Quito