Pre-Departure State of Mind

I did that obnoxious blog thing where I didn’t post anything for over a week, much to KRISTIN SMITH!’s dismay. I’m actually annoyed at myself as well because I was determined to really get this thing rolling before I actually left the country, and post as much as possible to get my domain payment’s worth.

So. Pre-departure Woes. That would be a fun blog title, right? Except woe doesn’t really describe my state of mind, other than the lack of daily income now that I’ve left AIFS. Then again, trading my paycheck for all this free time that I can procrastinate the pre-departure business hasn’t been too bad. I’ve been reading a lot (nothing that regards Colombia, of course), watching recorded TV, Christmas crafting, running errands (aka making long lists then making one stop before going home), playing with my favorite Doberman and making some of my normal Fairfield County rounds.

Bye again, Camp America!! See you next week and the week after!

That’s why I haven’t posted. I have nothing interesting to write about!

The Pre-Departure State of Mind. Much catchier and inviting. Pre-Departure has essentially been my only state of mind for the past four or five years – every time I find myself in the U.S., it’s like a precursor to my next departure. It’s a hybrid of trying to live in the moment and itching to pack my bags and GO. As I try to  appreciate every weekend with new or old friends, every minute of instant connectivity, every mile cruising in my VW, every iced coffee and bagel that you just can’t imitate in other reaches of the world, I’m also methodically scheming and searching for a new venture, opportunity, location.

Now that I have that next step concrete and paid for, what is my Pre-Departure State of Mind? Uhhhh, I’m excited? That’s what I tell people and what I’m supposed to say? When really I’m just kind of ….typical B Carey. Short infrequent bouts of panic in between long, languid periods of chill. Yea, I’m going to another country FOR A WHOLE YEAR OMG WHAT ABOUT YOUR PARENTS AND IS IT SAFE AND WHERE ARE YOU GOING TO LIVE.

Why is everyone else freaking out? My Spanish is ya know, not fluent but very proficient or whatever I tell people, I have a pretty solid idea of what to expect from living in a developing Latin American nation and I’m just not that concerned. Ain’t no thang. Even my first long trip to Granada I just kind of hopped on the plane like, this is cool, where we going guys?

As for missing friends and family, I’ve gotten accustomed to keeping ties from far away. I live a few hours from my parents and most of my family right now, and the majority of my best friends have scattered across the U.S. and abroad (because they are AWESOME.) Besides, it’s 2011. People without running water have cell phones, and my grandmother will be emailing by the time I leave in January. There are approximately 237 ways to contact a person at any given moment (even if hermits like me “accidentally” leave their phones on silent or in the car or buried in a pile of laundry.)

Right now my Pre-Departure State of Mind is telling me to watch some Project Accessory on Hulu until it warms up enough for a run outside. Then I’m going to clean my room and try to finish my TEFL homework. Then maybe Christine will come over and we’ll decorate for Christmas. I will probably listen to some reggaeton in the midst of all this so that concludes my Colombia preparation for the day.

Tomorrow kicks off my BC/DC Farewell Tour Part 1 during which I blow through Our Nation’s Capitol, aka one of my favorite adult playgrounds, in 24 hours or less. Love me some roomie road trips – I give it 20 miles before Joe and I are fighting.

Oh, and NO, I do not yet know where I’ll be living for the next year. Hopefully I’ll find out sometime next week. Everybody chill out and drink a beer or something.