The Latest Installment of “Home”

“You will never be completely at home again, because part of your heart always will be elsewhere. That is the price you pay for the richness of loving and knowing people in more than one place.”

– Miriam Adeney

I was introduced to this quote by my world-saving globetrotter pal Cait Smith. I love it because it resonates so clearly and true. There is a price to be paid when you are so fortunate as to grow roots in multiple locations. At this point in my life, “home” and further, “homesick” are hard terms to place. To be clear, this gringa rarely – if ever – gets homesick, I think I actually get more homesick when I’m in the United States. Homesick for the glorious sunshine of Granada, Quito’s chaotic oxymorons and every single thing about my unconventional paradise, Santiago Atitlán. Home in Windham, Connecticut is a series of fond childhood memories that can be conjured in any corner of the globe, or a Skype call to my parents. Home is any of my friends’ kitchen tables with a bottle of wine. Home is the rugby pitch. Or the library.

A few weeks ago WorldTeach had us fill out a survey with our preferences as far as living/teaching, and I put neutral answers for just about everything. Let’s get real, my preferences are a roof and no snow, please and thank you.

Thanks, Google Maps

On that note, I am ecstatic to introduce my next home: Bogotá, Colombia. I may be largely unconcerned about detail (refer to my last post) but I have been POUNCING on my Gmail inbox waiting for the Colombia Placement!! gem from WorldTeach. I finally received word that I’ll be spending the next year living and teaching in Colombia’s capital city, located in the Andes.

I couldn’t be happier living ANYWHERE in Colombia, but I’m pretty excited to be in the city. As much as I’m a country girl, I love city life and I’m more than ready to get back into it. Bogotá is massive, about the size of NYC and has a cooler climate, like New England spring and fall weather. It has buses and tiendas and bars and so many Colombian friends waiting to be made. I’m picturing it like Quito, except a bit scarier and not as warm.

My teaching placement will be either primary or secondary students. I don’t know my living situation yet (host family/apartment/cardboard box are all acceptable options.)

Three weeks to departure. Can’t wait to get acquainted, Bogotá.