On Roommates…and Some Whining

Once upon a time approximately a year ago, one of my oldest friends was pretending to listen to my mental breakdown regarding dying cold and alone in my parents’ house with no job and no friends, when he offhandedly mentioned the extra bedroom in his bachelor pad. Funny thing is, he probably didn’t think I would take him up on it. A few weeks later I had a job in Stamford and became the sixth (human) resident of WestConn’s “Baseball House”.

Living with five guys aged 20-23 was probably just like you’re picturing it (cleaner, though, because one of them is Joe-sessive Compulsive Postemsky.) One day I opened up my lunch at work to find that someone had taken a bite out of my leftover pizza, then put it back in the Tupperware. Other days I would find half the baseball team sitting on the roof, or play death matches of Cranium for hours. It was loud, comical, chaotic and absolutely wonderful. My roommates soon realized that I have a thick skin for verbal abuse, and let loose without mercy whenever they had a chance. They also were great for a hug or a laugh when I had a bad day, a built-in social life, and for opening jars.


My Christmas Gift from Deej...PRECIOUS

In August some of us moved to a smaller house, where life is still interesting and hilarious, but quieter. Overall, the ten months I spent living and working in this corner of Connecticut would have been drastically different, dare I say worse, without my roommates. I will miss my Danbury/Brookfield family dearly. Joe, Deej, Jordan, Yates, Sam, Scribby and the rest of the crew: Thanks. You guys are the best.

As for the whining…I leave one week from tomorrow. Despite being unemployed for the month of December, I left virtually all preparations for this week. Today was dedicated to returning some Christmas gifts and the start of packing – this is my fourth lengthy trip abroad, but somehow I still SUCK at packing. I’m trying to balance everyday clothes with going out clothes, with business casual for teaching, with workout/lounge clothes, and then there are the shoes, and the accessories, and makeup and toiletries and I don’t even know what. After verging on insanity I came up with a decent system, and I think I’ll be ok. Unfortunately, there are no useful opinions in the mancave.