From Within the Whirlwind

By the time I post this, it will be midnight, and 24 hours until January 4th. That’s the crazy day wayyyy off in the future when I get to go to one of my favorite locations (the airport) and hop on a big ol’ Delta machine headed south. Am I ready? Mentally, I’ve been ready since about five years ago. Logistically, I really hope that I at least leave the house with my passport. Packing for a year abroad and moving back home in the same 3 days is NOT recommended. Also we recently acquired a Wii, and it is not at all conducive to productivity.

In the midst of completely not preparing for Colombia, I decided I had a serious deficit of friend time, so a little [12+ hour roundtrip] car ride was in order – down to DC for some quality Windham lovin’. Some of my absolute favorite people congregated in Alexandria for New Year’s Eve to act like complete weirdos, make fun of each other, dance, drink and leave all filters and boundaries behind. Living so far from friends isn’t always easy, but it definitely makes the reunions…special.

Never forget your safe word.

It was also a great opportunity to do some fundraising for my trip. While other WorldTeach volunteers host fundraising parties and events, I just sat on the floor and had money thrown at me. Literally. The quarters hurt.

There's nothing like sitting on the floor as your friends degradingly fling coins at you.

I think the hole-y hobo tights I tried to wear the night before set off their pity (generosity?) but hey, girl’s gotta pay tolls.

Classy folk having a chuckle

C.S. Lewis wisely said, “Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another, “What! You too? I thought I was the only one.” That couldn’t sum up my best friendships more and I’m so very lucky to have them.

Now it’s officially January 3rd, so January 4th is tomorrow? That’s weird. If you’ll excuse me, I have to unpack and repack my bags 7 more times before I can sleep.