Weren’t you cold last night?

Are you cold right now?

It’s so cold this time of year.

Are you hot right now?

It’s so hot this time of year.

Do you like Colombian food?

Which foods have you tried?

You should try ____ and _____.

Which foods don’t you like?

How old are you?

Are you married?

Do you have kids?

Do you have a boyfriend?

Are you going to find a Colombian boyfriend?

What part of theU.S.are you from?

What state is that in?

Have you been toNew York?

Have you been to Disney World?

Is it super chevere?

My cousin went to Disney World.

Why did you come toColombia?

What places have you visited inColombia?

Why haven’t you been to _____ and ______?

Does your family miss you?

Do you talk to them a lot?

How do you call them?

Do you have an iPhone?

Do you have a Blackberry?

What’s your PIN?

How long are you staying?

Why don’t you stay longer?

What if you fall in love and get married here?

What’s your profession in theU.S.?

Do you live in Tabio?

Where do you live in Tabio?

Who do you live with?

Do you live with Mervin [another teacher]?

Do you like Tabio?

I saw you eating pizza last week.

I saw you running yesterday.

You said “hi” to me.

What’s your soccer team?

Millionarios is the best.

What are you eating?

You don’t eat very much.

Do you like chocolate?

Do you like aguardiente?

Why don’t you speak Spanish in class?