Cliche Weekend Recap

It seems appropriate to finally post this on the eve of another weekend. Get over it, I have internet problems (a subcategory of #ColombiaProblems.)

Tabio (affectionately known as Tabs) is tiny. It would probably take twenty minutes to walk from one very farthest end of town to the other. This has pros and cons of course, one of the cons being that there is nothing to do. By 7 or 8 pm everything is shut down except for the sketchy drinking establishments frequented by local alcoholics. After teaching all day, it’s nice to relax in the quiet, but I get bored.

Cue the bus to Bogota (affectionately known as Bogs.) Bogs is sprawling, loud and crowded, and I’m usually dying to get there and feel like a 24 year old living in a capital city in Latin America, not just the English Teacher in Tabio. Also, for anyone who doesn’t know, I love public transportation. I was deprived of it for the first 20 years of my life, so a 45 minute bus ride followed by several shorter bus rides around the city is all I really need for a good weekend.

This past weekend I met up with some WorldTeach gringas (Kate, Tasha, Rachel and Natalie) for capital adventures. Friday night we went to Crepes and Waffles. Yes, the most wonderful restaurant chain to ever exist, a dear friend of mine in Quito, exists in Colombia as well. C-Dubbs has delicious crepes, waffles, the ice cream of my dreams, juices and coffee. It’s life-changing. We also took a field trip to EXITO! Exito is like Colombia’s Target, so needless to say I was overjoyed to buy a few items that are expensive or non-existent in Tabio. We spent the afternoon talking about our hilarious students and culture clashes, planning vacations and feeling sorry for ourselves because teaching is so hard. It is!

Saturday night we found our way to the Zona T, a few blocks full of bars, clubs and restaurants. Wealthy Colombians  are the typical crowd there, so while the club was a lot of fun, we need to find some cheaper places to party.

I converted them.

The next day, Tasha, Kate and I headed south to the Candelaria, which is the historical center of Bogota. It’s very similar to Quito’s Centro Historico and Spain in architecture and layout – those conquistadors get ’em every time. We strolled around the main plaza where the presidential palace and government buildings are, stalked cute dogs and ate BonIce popsicles (another long-lost Quito delight) in the sun while discussing our other vendor snack options. It was highly successful, and I can’t wait to repeat. Often.

(I haven’t gotten brave enough to bring my nice camera into Bogs so these were taken with my faithful Junior year of high school Canon. Not my best, but  not too shabby.)

Maybe we chased this puppy down to pet it in the most famous plaza in Bogs...maybe.