Can’t take us anywhere

About the lovely Secret Service Cartagena incident…IT’S EMBARRASSING. I just want to relax with my hot chocolate and the 7 o’clock news with Edith and Amilcar and there it is, ESCÁNDALO ESTADOUNIDENSE! AGENTES DESPEDIDOS (United States scandal! Agents fired)!! Well that’s just great. Kate, Natalie and I were literally two blocks away from the Hotel Caribe in Cartagena when it all went down, BEHAVING OURSELVES. Our mothers should be proud.

Unfortunately, a bunch of our fellow countrymen with a lot more training and bigger paychecks who can’t hold their liquor or manage their numbers properly in Spanish were causing major problems down the street. The thing that bugs me is that Colombians overall were really excited that Obama was visiting their country. Sure there were 32 other presidents in attendance, but he was the one all over the news, the one with exclusive televised interviews, the one with the most security and biggest entourage and the one all my students recognized.

I know that the Colombians who cause harm to others aren’t accurately representing their country, but they’re the ones seen all over the news and maybe the reason why a lot of you worry about me here. Likewise I know that the scumbag agents in Cartagena aren’t accurately representing the United States. From this end however, it looks like Americans come to Colombia for wild parties and extravagance free of repercussions, and like Colombia is only here to offer those things.

Sorry I’m not sorry, but I check myself from time to time to make sure I’m not misrepresenting my school or WorldTeach. You work for the U.S. government, in a significant enough position that you accompany the President to international meetings with the entire region’s leaders, and you think you can get away with getting shitfaced and ripping off prostitutes? Hillary Clinton managed to dance her face off in Cartagena without an early morning hotel scuffle over miscommunicated escort prices. Take note.

While there are plenty of issues to be touched on regarding the scandal, angles to be taken and conclusions to be drawn about both countries, my first and overwhelming reaction is this: It’s embarrassing. Also, I’m bitter. I would have given up my Cabrio, 10 months of stipends and my left arm to attend the Summit, and while I may have tried to inappropriately stalk Latin American leaders to grill them about life and politics, I would have maintained some dignity. I would have been perfectly happy with Evo Morales sightings and listening to Shakira botch her own national anthem in person. You blew it, Secret Service. I’m so mad at you.