What’s new?

  • Tabio turned 409 years old last weekend. There was a random, DJed reggaeton fest in the park on Saturday night (not so crowd-approp considering Tabs’ population is largely children and the elderly) and some other moderately interesting events throughout the weekend. Highlights included free cake for 2500 people and Oscar Lozano, the mayor, rolling up to the party in Tabio’s 409th birthday gift: a new garbage truck. Aaaand small-town Colombia remains fascinating.

    409 years young.

  • Are you serious, North Carolina? Can 61% of that state even read the Bible? (Sorry, Whitney.) Get over yourselves. I effing despise Twilight but I’m not trying to ban it. Ok, clearly I would rally if there were a vote, but Twilight is about a million times worse for the wellbeing of the American people than gay marriage. My point being this – if you don’t like gay marriage, don’t get one. BAM.
  • My friend Melissa is going to Nepal for two months. Crazy kids leaving the country these days. She’s the coolest. She’s writing about it here.
  • I have my first visitor officially locked in. Kasey Ciolfi and I once spent ten months coexisting in the same 10×12-foot space and somehow lived to talk about it (what we remember at least.) We haven’t been that geographically close for more than a few days since and I can’t wait for her trip in August.
  • Sometimes comfort food can do wonders. We found bagels in Bogotá. BAGELS.
  • The cat-to-human ratio in the Angel-Hernandez-Carey household just hit an all-time high and I’m really not pleased. The newest addition is an unnamed, deaf white cat with a ginormous head who Edith rescued and/or stole from a sad life elsewhere. We will not be friends until he gets fixed and stops MEOWWWWing at 5am and peeing on student posters waiting to be graded*. Even then I won’t stop wishing that the cats would turn into dogs. That’s right, Gunner Postemsky, I miss you!

*If you’re reading this, it wasn’t yours

“Teacher, have you read Harry Potter?”
Uh, yea duh. “Of course I’ve read Harry Potter!”
“Look, Sirius Black!” – Just when I think I can‘t love this kid any more. Please note that he said “read” and not “seen”. In Spanish, but whatever, I take what I can get.

What it lacks in extra-curricular activities, Tabio makes up for with mountains.