Kilometers, you say?

There’s this random trend I’ve noticed of friends and acquaintances who graduated college in the last few years. A lot of people my age, regardless of their level of athleticism or activity, have taken on marathon running as a hobby. This is great for them, and I’m not against marathons or anything, I just don’t care that much. I preferred to handle the post-college depression/quarter life crisis stage with backpacks and international flights instead. A lot of people do it for charity, which is cool, but involving a marathon doesn’t make me more likely to donate money. If I like your cause and the way you approach me, I’ll consider donating, regardless of how many miles you’re running or walking or whatever.

Anyway, I generally think running is boring unless there’s a ball to chase or people to tackle. Since I arrived in Tabio, however, I’ve been running as often as possible because the endorphins keep me sane. Also, there’s NOTHING else to do. I actually enjoy running here because the mountains and cow fields are so pretty, but most people think it’s kind of strange, like 90% of my lifestyle…um, everywhere.

Recently I made a vague promise to another teacher that I would run a road race with him in Bogotá in July. As I mentioned, not my steeze, but the man is very convincing and pretty much flattered/coerced me into it. First he says it’s just 10 kilometers, then goes on to tell me it’s actually the Bogotá half marathon, but we’re only going to run 10k. And we’re going to write up our own numbers instead of registering officially. Then the next day he started talking to me about hydration and potassium and what do you know, we’re going to “run the entire half marathon.”

Right. Thirty minute loops around Tabio have in no way prepared me to run 21 kilometers while choking on Bogs’ pollution at 8,000 feet. For now I’m going to half-commit to training, meaning it will not be interfering with my weekends and I will not be venturing out of my house during monsoons just to ensure I get my daily mileage, and we’ll see what happens.