Why Leave When I Could…Stay?

I’m thinking about staying. Seriously thinking. As in, I might live in the same general location for another year.

Two years! in the same place! On purpose! Is this me growing up?

I like it here. I’m comfortable in Colombia but I’m not bored. It hasn’t lost its luster and maybe it never will. Every day is still a welcome challenge in some way and a learning opportunity. I’m still inspired to write.

Why Colombia? Why Bogotá? It’s not that I like it more than the other places I’ve been. I still dream about the day I can afford long, leisurely afternoons of tapas and cold drinks in Granada plazas. I will always keep Ecuador’s natural beauty, adventure and lovely people in my travels. And there’s no doubt that if there were any way to afford and sustain it, I would be washing my clothes in a sink in Santiago Atitlán this very second.

I like Colombia. I love the people I’ve met. They are friendly, caring, funny and curious. They make me feel welcome. I’ve found it fairly easy to make friends here, probably easier than other metropolitan centers. Bogotá is not overrun by tourists and foreigners, so I certainly feel like I’m living in another country and culture, yet there’s enough American influence and connection that I’m not completely alienated or alone. It’s also a place where I can feasibly find a job and financially support myself. There are other countries I can do this too, but I’m happy here, and interested, so why not stay?

I’m not ready for convention. I might not ever be ready for convention. I’m not fleeing the “real world” either, just diving in a little farther away from home. At some point it stops being some crazy, fleeting adventure and it becomes a lifestyle, and maybe I hit that point a dozen plane rides ago or maybe it’s a dozen ahead of me. The other 24-year olds can keep their City, USA offices and I’ll keep looking at another 300+ days of arepas, Águila and aguaceros (I actually don’t like Águila that much, but for alliteration’s sake we’ll pretend.)

Grown-ups can be grown-ups all over the world.  I’ll visit, promise.

That being said…Bogotanos. Colombianos. Anyone-anos: I’m looking for a job. Teaching, NGO, tourism, ANYTHING. I speak Spanish and English most of the time, I write better than the average human and I’m generally good at stuff. Ideas?