An office of a different color


Working from the beach is still work.


Barranquilla – Bogotá, Villa de Leyva weekend getaway with Natalie, surgically attach myself to Jess in order to run a 3-week orientation in Bogotá, burn my lungs with altitude and pollution trying to stay in shape, visit my favorite bartender, visit my favorite Usaquén artists, spend four mornings at a freezing cold school in the deep south of Bogotá’s hills with the sweetest 11th graders of all time, send 6 volunteers off to the Coffee Region, visit the Most Wonderful People On Earth at my former school in Tabio, get insulted and complimented by tenth graders, run a midservice conference in Fusagasugá (repeat, Fu-sa-ga-su-GÁ), return to coast briefly to do laundry and get chastised by my rugby family for being gone so long and for losing my accent, run another midservice conference in Cartagena, exercise my Polite Angry Spanish for an hour on the phone with a hostel owner, toast micheladas to The Best Summer Ever on Playa Blanca, mototaxi/tuk tuk/ferry/bus/taxi from Barú to Cartagena, surgically detach myself from Jess, return to Barranquilla. Realize we haven’t had a day off since June.

And that’s just the first half.



Here’s to The Best Summer Ever.