Corazones and Balones

I decided to stay in Colombia for a second year for a multitude of reasons. There’s my job, the ease stacked against the difficulty of living abroad and the travel opportunities. Then there’s my team and the dozens of wonderful people I’ve met through playing this sport in this country. Life here would not be the same without them, and by “the same” I mean remotely as fun, happy, funny, intriguing, frustrating, rewarding, emotional and just plain delightful.

These pictures are from a major regional tournament that’s basically the culmination of a year of practices and less-important tournaments. The girls didn’t win and while it’s not the end of the world, two weeks have gone by and it still feels like the end of the world. The boys won and supported us every step of the way (even if support is sometimes incessant bickering and blatant sexual harassment. We get it.) We all won the Third Half, because we always do.

1537445_881864831834107_2607506650551558306_o (1)

This picture sums it up nicely. These weekends make it hard to leave.