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An office of a different color

Summer: Barranquilla – Bogotá, Villa de Leyva weekend getaway with Natalie, surgically attach myself to Jess in order to run a 3-week orientation in Bogotá, burn my lungs with altitude and pollution trying to… Continue reading

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Fact: Cartagena is pretty.

It’s unfair that I live an easy 8-dollar bus ride from this beautiful, historic city. I spent Easter Sunday wandering around the Centro eating snacks and feeling very fortunate. The best part? Being… Continue reading

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Can’t take us anywhere

About the lovely Secret Service Cartagena incident…IT’S EMBARRASSING. I just want to relax with my hot chocolate and the 7 o’clock news with Edith and Amilcar and there it is, ESCÁNDALO ESTADOUNIDENSE! AGENTES… Continue reading

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Summit of the Americas: We’re all friends here, right?

I’m a huge nerd for Latin America, so just seeing the signs and billboards for the sixth Summit of the Americas in Cartagena last week was like Christmas. We were staying in an… Continue reading

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Thank you, favorite internet/paper store in Tabio! Here are the best of my vacation pictures, with captions and love.   In other news, I stumbled on quinoa peanut butter for 4 ,000 PESOS.… Continue reading

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Toes in the sand.

Sorry in advance for subpar writing, lack of captions and repeated pictures. Public computers are the bane of my existence. Just in case I wanted to forget for a few more hours that… Continue reading

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