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Overdue Accounts of Professional Vacationing

I sat down to start organizing my most recent vacation pictures and realized that in a grand act of disrespect towards Ecuador, I never followed up on my “to be continued…” promise. Sorry,… Continue reading

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I was all ready to upload my best pictures from Ecuador back in August (Apparently it’s October. Who knew?) until I realized that the best shots are neatly organized in a folder on… Continue reading

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Chapter 4: The Wolfpack Climbs an Active Volcano, and Says Goodbye

Just a few of Cotopaxi’s superlatives: Most Photogenic Volcano From A Distance Best Place to Eat Soup at a High Altitude Third-Tallest Volcano in Ecuador Source of the Most Accurate Indigenous Names Possibly… Continue reading

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Chapter 3: The Wolfpack Indulges in the Capital

Day trips from Quito are wonderful, but I wanted to make sure we had time to see the city itself. It’s smaller than Bogotá (about two million people compared to eight) and as… Continue reading

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Chapter 2: The Wolfpack Explores a Cloud Forest

Mindo is a tiny town a few hours northwest of the capital. The geography is extraordinarily different from that a few hours northeast where the highway wraps around Ibarra’s dry, grassy mountains. Mindo… Continue reading

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Chapter 1: The Wolfpack Goes Shopping

We arrived in Quito on Saturday night, and even though a cute, geographically-challenged little boy stole my window seat on the flight, I was ecstatic the second I saw Quito’s lights. Landing there… Continue reading

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