I’ll never be a traveler who counts countries. I hate that. I’ve been a handful of places and they’ve all been fantastic, math has nothing to do with it.

Below is a summary of my stays abroad and links to previous blogs.

January of my sophomore year at UConn, I left the country (and really, home) for the first time to spend the semester in Granada, Spain. It went largely undocumented, but it was like the best party I’ve ever been to, with long afternoon timeouts at sunny outdoor cafes.

After Granada there was no doubt in my mind I needed to study abroad again. 2009: Fall semester of senior year, meet Quito, Ecuador. I rode a lot of buses, ate a lot of shawarma and jumped off some stuff. Check it out here:

After getting a diploma and a new ACL I hopped a plane to Guatemala for a few months. I still dream about it. Details here: